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Screen Yamaha R6 2017

Screen Yamaha R6  2017
The Aeromax screen and the Aeromax racing screen for  Yamaha R6 2017 has been developed by Ermax to offer the maximum aerodynamic protection to both street and racing riders. The Ermax product is TUV approved and is used by many official WSBK and MotoGP racing teams. It’s appreciated for its own transparency and for the total lack of lence-flare-effect. It’s produced in 2 different versions:

Aeromax screen comes in 9 colors that pairs with the original fairings.

The Aeromax Racing version only comes in clear color and it’s furnished with screws and tip for making the holes. To pair with fiberglass or carbon fairings.

It’s a product made in France and realized in 3mm thermoformed plexiglas
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